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Highway Care to exhibit at the premier trade show for Roadway Safety Products & Services, ATSSA.
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Highway Care is thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at ATSSA; showcasing new BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway. ...

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Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway
Friday, 06 Jan 2017
    Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway at Transportation Research Board (TRB).  Highway Care USA is excited to ...

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Ezy-Guard W-beam Guard Rail Barrier

Introducing the Ezy-Guard 4, the next generation steel guardrail barrier  providing  superior design, rapid  installation, driver confidence and more metres of barrier for your dollar.
Using up to 40% less steel than conventional steel guardrail barriers, Ezy-Guard 4 is designed to provide stable vehicle containment and re-direction and minimise occupant risk.
The Z-post profile shields post edges from vulnerable road users and provides sectional strength when driving through difficult ground conditions.
An Ezy-Carriage is used to secure the w-beam rails to the Z-posts and eliminate the requirement for blocking pieces and rail stiffening plates.



Ezy-Guard 4 has been fully crash tested and evaluated according to the specifications for Test Level 3 (TL3) of the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware  (MASH). The system has also been crash tested in accordance with NCHRP-350 Test Level 4, this is the containment of an 8000kg truck impacting the rail at 80km/h and 15°.
The MASH specification  is an update to and supersedes NCHRP Report  350 for the purpose of evaluating new safety hardware devices. The MASH

TL3 crash test matrix requires the following impacts;
1100kg car travelling at 100km/h and 25 degrees.
2270kg pick-up travelling  at 100km/h and 25                 degrees.
The MASH TL3 test condition  represents a 13% to 18% increase in impact energy when compared to the superseded NCHRP 350Test Level3 or Test Level4  impacts.