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Highway Care to exhibit at the premier trade show for Roadway Safety Products & Services, ATSSA.
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Highway Care is thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at ATSSA; showcasing new BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway. ...

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Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway
Friday, 06 Jan 2017
    Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway at Transportation Research Board (TRB).  Highway Care USA is excited to ...

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Armorwire - Cable Barrier System



The ArmorWire™ TL-4 and TL-3  cable barrier has been designed, tested and accepted to NCHRP 350 longitudinal cable barrier criteria.

ArmorWire™ is proven to safely re-direct: small cars, pick-ups and single unit trucks from impact angles of up to 25°, and speeds of up to 100kph. Irrespective of the vehicles size, no deformation was found when assessing passengers cabins post-impact. Notably, all testing observed safe and predictable trajectories; reducing the risk of secondary collisions. Measured deflections show ArmorWire™ to be a top performing system.

Designed to firmly secure the cable within the laser cut slots of  the distinctive line oval posts, the ArmorWire™ system is renowned on the market for requiring the fewest component parts — with just one post cap completing an installation. The benefit of this being three-fold: ensuring reliability, simpler installation and repairs; and assured future performance.

ArmorWire™ is the easiest system of its kind to install and repair. Without the need for additional parts or stiffening plates, installation time is reduced — yielding further savings, whilst promptly re-establishing safety on the roads.

10_Site_View_web.jpg • The Lowest part count, easiest installation and after-impact repair

• Low vehicle deflection system — NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4 & EN 1317-2, N2, H1

• Minimal build-up in snow or sand environments

• Quickly installed with low maintenence required