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Highway Care to exhibit at the premier trade show for Roadway Safety Products & Services, ATSSA.
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Highway Care is thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at ATSSA; showcasing new BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway. ...

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Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway
Friday, 06 Jan 2017
    Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway at Transportation Research Board (TRB).  Highway Care USA is excited to ...

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Nu-Guard 31 W-beam Guardrail Barrier

Nu_Guard_9.jpgThe NU-GUARD™ 31 barrier has been designed, tested and FHWA accepted to NCHRP 350 test criteria for longitudinal barriers.  The unique ‘driven’ small steel posts (with no blockout) are used to hold the standard W-beam barrier in the traditional manner to an overall height of 787mm (31”).  
Upon impact with either an 2000 or 8000 kg vehicle, the  NU-GUARD™ 31 safely re-directed or contained them from impact at angles up to 25° and speeds up to 100kph. 
The NU-GUARD™ 31 barrier is a high performance (TL-4), low cost and zero maintenance barrier.  When impacted downstream from the terminal end it can shield fixed objects and provide edge of road protection as well as prevent cross median accidents (median version). 
Strong post design with no blockout, reducing components and cost

Narrow system  footprintRTA_NU_GUARD_31_Roadside_b_web.jpg
First and only NCHRP 350 TL-4 W-beam guardrail system currently available

Post design allows the W-beam guardrail to dynamically adjust the rail height during impact compensating for different vehicle sizes and trajectories
Exceptional vehicle control and behaviour
Proprietary small steel post allows for fast “driven” installation without pre-drilling
Fast installation and after-impact repair 
Easily integrated with any X-tension end terminal, providing a safe termination

Roadside and Median versions available