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Highway Care to exhibit at the premier trade show for Roadway Safety Products & Services, ATSSA.
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Highway Care is thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at ATSSA; showcasing new BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway. ...

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Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway
Friday, 06 Jan 2017
    Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway at Transportation Research Board (TRB).  Highway Care USA is excited to ...

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BarrierGuard MDS - Minimum Deflection System

BarrierGuard MDS - minumum deflection systemBarrierGuard MDS (Minimum Deflection System) has been developed as an enhancement to the existing high performance BarrierGuard 800 system.

Tested and approved to both NCHRP 350 and EN 1317, BarrierGuard MDS offers the minimal deflection many associate with concrete systems whilst still providing the many benefits provided by steel barrier systems – light weight, low cost transportation and installation, ease of handling, longer life and improved impact severity.

The system is ideal for permanent use on structures or where a durable barrier is required (frequent accident black spots).  BarrierGuard MDS is also suitable for portable applications where work zone or highway space is crucial.  Multiple anchoring solutions are available.

Minimal Deflection

Tested to NCHRP 350 TL-3 & EN1317 N2

Rapidly deployable

Cost effective transport

Maximised work space with reduced deflection

Light weight - ideal for use on structures

Anchor options available to suit a range of requirements

Portable or permanent systems available